CoinSwitch Kuber mines social currency like no other, with Glance Business

As Millennials and Gen Z in India become more aware of the need for financial security, investing in currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano is becoming extremely popular. However, many young investors still find the world of digital investments tricky. It’s hard to navigate a highly volatile market that offers jaw-dropping returns and devastating losses in equal measure. 

To demystify crypto investment, Coinswitch Kuber teamed up with Glance, the world’s only lock screen platform, to devise a campaign that moved away from jargon-heavy narratives, verbose explanations and direct selling. It educated budding crypto enthusiasts with gamified experiences, interactive polls and fun creatives, on screen zero.

For starters, the lock screen was transformed into a hangout corner for cryptocurrencies, giving each coin a personality of its own. ‘Crypto Adda’ showcased popular coins interacting with each other, crushing myths and offering explanations in the process. Thanks to such bite-sized infotainment, average click rates were reported above 8 per cent for the activity.

Coinswitch Kuber went a step further in their audience interaction journey with Glance polls. The trivia utilised for the polls had a high intrigue factor, which resulted in increased participation. While positioning Coinswitch Kuber as the simplest Indian crypto trading app, the activity roped in 10M impressions with an average click through rate of 2 per cent.

To give users an immersive and engaging experience, Coinswitch Kuber created a quiz game called ‘Coin Banega Cryptopati’ with Glance, right on the lock screen. Users could play with one tap, moving ahead through three different levels which consisted of unique themes, namely, ‘crypto basics’, ‘pop culture’ and ‘trust and security’. Sailing through the entire game led to reward points, which helped users get started on their crypto investment journey.

The mix of innovative formats on an exclusive digital real estate – the lock screen – gives Glance the advantage of creating content that effectively engages users. The campaign with Coinswitch Kuber is testimony to how complex concepts can be converted to snackable infotainment that people enjoy engaging with, especially in an age where people have become immune to advertising.

Thanks to Glance, CoinSwitch Kuber was able to create intrigue about its platform and earn people’s trust through engaging, entertaining and informative content.