Flipkart and realme Unveiled A New Phone Series Using Augmented Reality

The year is 2021, and new phone launches now come with equally new methods of marketing. The realme X7 series launched on Flipkart on 4th February with 2 models – the realme X7 5G Pro and the realme X7 5G. To generate buzz and excitement about the launch, Flipkart and realme used Augmented Reality to engage with potential customers.

They launched an innovative filter which asked users if they were ready to experience the future, followed by a series of three questions. If they were correctly answered, the realme X7 5G Pro was revealed on their mobile screens.

AR Filters are a very intuitive way of engaging with your customers. Flipkart and realme used the tech in a very smart way to not only communicate the product features but also drive conversations.

To reach more users and to encourage people to participate in the virtual unboxing, a well planned influencer marketing programme was conceptualised with popular influencers from different fields like Nia Sharma, Mallika Dua and Rannvijay Singha using the brand filters. This enabled the brand to tap into their outreach while while generating even more excitement about the launch.

It was a truly well rounded campaign not relying on the traditional methods of marketing, but breathing a fresh air of innovation.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, you can engage with the AR Filter yourself by clicking on the image below.