Deepika Padukone Stars In Jaquar Lighting’s Latest #LightingUpYourLives Campaign

Jaquar Lighting has just released a campaign #LightingUpYourLives starring Deepika Padukone, who signed with the brand in 2017. The brand aims to highlight its new line of diverse set of LED lighting solutions and manages to do that in a rather intriguing way.

The commercial follows Deepika Padukone around a house, as she keeps following a light path set by a young girl. She keeps discovering a wide range of Jaquar products, and is eventually led to her family and friends who have planned a surprise for her.

Check it out!

What stands out for this campaign is the unconventional route opted by the brand, when compared to the traditional approach that most other players in the same industry follow. Most importantly, the brand was successfully able to talk about the variety of products by weaving them into the storyline. The execution of the video is rather playful, and the lighting aesthetics are on point. The presence of Deepika Padukone ensures a high amount of visibility amongst the audience while lending credibility to the products as well.

Deepika Padukone said, “It was wonderful to discover such a wide range of beautiful LED lights for every imaginable need! Jaquar Lighting’s products are energy-saving, long lasting and Made in India too! Brilliant!”

The brand also collaborated with Mango Data, an AI based adtech company. Santosh Kumar, CEO of Mango Data said, “The creative expression of Jaquar lighting’s brand communication this time around, is therefore all about showcasing lights that represent commercial, outdoor and decorative segments of it’s vast range in a creative and playful manner.”