CoinSwitch Kuber Celebrates The Journey Of Onboarding One Crore Users

CoinSwitch Kuber recently hit 10 million registered users to become India’s largest crypto platform. The platform began operations in India only in June 2020, but hit the milestone of 10 million users within a short 15-month span owing to the simplicity and convenience of the platform along with its humorous marketing campaigns aimed at  young and tech-savvy individuals.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, users have been investing in cryptocurrency routinely. Out of the 10 million registered users, 7 million are active users with a monthly transaction volume of a whopping 15,138 crore rupees. The platform is witnessing high volumes from millennial and GenZ users, with almost 75 per cent of the user base being between the ages of 18 and 35.

From Patna to Ernakulam and Imphal to Mohali, the platform reaches out to a diverse set of investors based all over India. Over 55 per cent users on the platform hail from tier 2 and 3 cities, while the remaining 45 per cent are from tier 1 cities.

To celebrate this major milestone, the brand has taken out full page ads in print and also launched a digital film that highlights CoinSwitch Kuber’s fifteen month long journey in India. 

The platform was launched during the lockdown in June last year, and onboarded over 1 million users in just six months. The journey from 1 million to 10 million took them about 9 months. The campaign is also a way of showing gratitude to the users and investors for putting their faith in the platform and being a part of their journey. 

CoinSwitch Kuber aims to bring financial freedom to all Indians by democratising crypto investments and eliminating all complexities from the process. With educational crypto content on the platform, it helps both new and experienced investors make the right financial decisions. 

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated space in India, and are subject to market risks. Please do your own research before investing, any risk or loss arising out of it will be the sole responsibility of the investor.

Content in partnership with CoinSwitch Kuber