Cadbury Perk Takes On ‘Cancel Culture’ With An Innovative Intervention

People on the internet have gotten overly touchy. Anything you say is bound to offend someone somewhere, leading to outrage, twitter feuds and ultimately cancellation.

In their own irreverent style, Cadbury Perk has taken on this issue by flooding the internet with mock disclaimers. These would play as pre-roll videos, that Perk’s AI will plug in, before the most popular videos on YouTube. They’re funny, ridiculously silly, and always raises a non-issue to poke fun at the ridiculousness of cancel-culture, and to encourage people to ‘Take it Light’

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Now it’s impossible to list down all the pre-rolls that Perk has done so far. So here are a few of our favourites :

1) This one appears before a hit song that has gone viral lately:

2) Before certain recipe videos:

3) Before walkthrough videos of a popular game:

4) Before certain cricket matches:

5) Before a popular video about romance:

Did we miss out one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.