Burger King Mercilessly Trolls McDonald’s With Real Photos Of Children Scared By A Clown

In their latest effort to troll McDonald’s, Burger King is using the fear of clowns in children (and in adults as well), to encourage customers to book a clown free birthday party at the nearest Burger King restaurant.

First things first, the photos are real. These are genuine family photos of children in the company of clowns and clearly having a miserable time.

This isn’t the first time BK has used the ‘scary clown’ concept. Back in Halloween they gave free Whoppers to those who dressed as clowns. Now, they have a series of print ads featuring photos of children terrified amidst a clown.

“Burger King knows that birthdays are a very big deal for kids, and we believe they should be fun and clown-free. We prefer to be on the good side of children’s memories, not the scary ones, like the traumatized kids in these ads.” – Marcelo Pascoa, Global Marketing Head for Burger King