Benetton Crushes Stereotypes In This Impressively Impactful Campaign – #UnitedByPlay

Benetton has always been vocal about social causes and they have once again taken the opportunity to raise their voice against a deep rooted issue in our country – Communal Violence.

Through a very unique campaign, the viewers are taken through all the stereotypes that we usually associate with Hindu-Muslim riots, only to crush these stereotypes to a million pieces with a twist in the end. This is a must watch!

Uniting India with that one thing that binds us all despite of caste, region, age or gender – Cricket!

 The campaign goes a long way in showing how a sport can bring people of all communities closer and how all of us are #UnitedByPlay. Through a very positive approach to breaching the topic, Benetton successfully talks about how it’s time for us to look deep inside our hearts, and portray a united front in front of those who spread hate.

While we may or may not have the same beliefs, we can always find a way to unite ourselves, and live in peace.

Benetton, take a bow!