Apple Makes A Big Promise In This Ad With One Baby And Zero Products

Apple is committing to becoming completely carbon neutral by the year 2030. The brand’s latest ad doesn’t feature any of their iconic products, there is no mention of product design or even any of the accessories.

Apple’s latest video features only a baby, sleeping the entire time with a VoiceOver making much needed promises to the baby – that of keeping the world safe.

The thought behind this campaign is that it is the future generations who will benefit most from this move and hence the narrator begins with these words :

“You don’t know us, you won’t understand what we’re about to say, but one day, Idan, you will. Because we want to make you a promise. We want to be held to it. And every year, for years to come, we’ll remain committed to it. A promise between you and us and the planet. We promise that everything we make, the way we make it and even how you use it will be carbon-neutral by your 10th birthday.”

Check it out :

Every iPhone, iPad, Watch and Mac released last year by Apple was manufactured using recycling materials, with their efforts reducing their carbon footprint by 4.3 million metric tons.

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