Six Different Brands With The Same Outdoor Ad About The 13th July Got Everyone On Twitter Guessing

After a brief hiatus induced by the lockdown, ZEE dropped in brand new episodes on 13th July, and hyped up this return in a pretty unique fashion. In the build up to 13th, brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Pepsi, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, Amul Lassi, Red Label and Maggi started building up the suspense around 13th in a fun, quirky way. They started getting the audience hyped to stock up for 13th (after all, an evening of new entertainment is always better with our favourite munchies).

The return of outdoor ads

How people reacted on twitter

These outdoor ads caught everyone’s attention and Twitter was set abuzz with everyone trying to figure out what this was all about :

Brands engaging in playful banter among themselves

In addition to these outdoor ads, all the aforementioned brands sent their followers in a tizzy when they begun speaking to each other in a rather mysterious way :

The Reveal

The brands finally revealed their association with ZEE and the fact that ZEE is launching new episodes on 13th July – an evening of fun for everyone to look forward to.

So, what made the campaign work?

There are various reasons why this campaign was able to create so much hype :

  • Firstly, outdoor ads made a return and it was warmly welcomed by everyone. For the longest time OOH as a medium was not used by brands because of the lockdown. This was the first big campaign which leveraged the medium since that time.
  • Secondly, the fact that there were so many popular brands participating in the outdoor campaign, ensured that it caught everyone’s eye. Meaningful collaborations are loved by all, and even more so when the brands involved are part of everyone’s daily lives.
  • Thirdly, in recent months stocking up has been associated with a little bit of chaos and panic, but this emotion was completely flipped by ZEE towards an emotion of togetherness and spending quality time with family.
  • Lastly, the air of suspense created around the campaign really helped in generating conversations around #13thKiTayyari with everyone venturing a guess on what this could be about.

The campaign allowed ZEE to get immense reach and their communication about the launch of new episodes received a very high level of recall which is what the campaign objective was in the first place.

We absolutely love the campaign! It’s always very engaging when brands come together and interact with each other to create hype, and ZEE orchestrated just that. Kudos to them!