What’s With People Everywhere Asking For Smriti Mandhana’s Scooter?!

Something has been brewing around Smriti Mandhana… and her scooter, and that’s getting people talking!

Here’s what has been going down:

People on the streets have been holding up placards… asking for the cricketer’s scooter! 

Were they in a rush? Did they just wanted to get to their destination faster? Either way, their wish and want seemed to have been getting their hands on Smriti Mandhana’s Gulf Pride scooter!

So, what has this been all about?

Gulf Oil! People holding up the placards was a super creative way to convey how the Gulf Pride Scooter provides “zabardast pick up”. 

What better way to showcase the brand’s pitch of providing assured insta zoom pick up, than to quite literally show that everyone is asking for it!

A clever campaign that has generated curiosity, got people talking, and set the stage for what the brand has in store next.

You can check out more details here.