Volvo Stacked Four Trucks On Top Of Each Other In This Insane Ad

Back in 2013 when Volvo released ‘The Epic Split’ ad, it sent the advertising world into a frenzy. In February 2020, the brand returned with yet another insane stunt and this time it was called ‘The Epic Stack’ – well unofficially at least.

In this act of insanity, Volvo stacked four new trucks on top of each other and drove them under stormy rains at night. Why? To demonstrate how strong and powerful their trucks are. But that isn’t all, much like Jean-Claude Van Damme in the previous stunt, this one has Volvo’s Executive Vice President on top of these four trucks.

Check it out!

Here’s how the brand executed this insane stunt :

How could we let you leave without revisiting the OG :