vivo Urges Viewers To Switch Off Their Phones And Reconnect With Their Loved Ones

You know how it goes. You pick up your phone for a quick two minute glance of your Instagram feed, and 45 minutes later you are deep into your friend’s cousin’s vacation photos from last year. Smartphones are definitely an integral part of your lives. Not only do they entertain, but they also make our lives extremely convenient. However, the time we spend on it has consistently increased over the last few years. And that is causing a strain in our relationships with friends, family and children.

A research by global smartphone company vivo, studying the impact of smartphones on human relationships, revealed that 74% of parents felt that their excessive usage of smartphones has hurt their relationship with their children. When put into context, that’s a very telling number.

With this insight, the third edition of vivo’s #SwitchOff campaign was launched. A film which captures exactly how the parent-child relationship is being impacted without parents even realizing how their behaviour with smartphones is having an adverse affect on those they love the most.

The film is conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, and delivers the message in a very succinct yet definite way. Viewers are shown how a father-son duo who were once inseparable ended up bearing the brunt of a device which we simply can’t put down. The campaign urges viewers to choose when they are using their phones, and when they would like to ‘switch off’ and connect with those around them while being present in the moment.