vivo Shows How Technology Can Bring People Closer To Their Loved Ones

The route to joy isn’t just through success, nor can it be bought off, and it quite certainly isn’t fraught with likes and shares.

vivo is highlighting what enables people to ‘live the joy’: connecting with loved ones. It’s as simple as that.  

Through a touching narrative, vivo showcases their brand purpose of bringing people closer together using the power of technology.  

The brand film uses relatable narratives through the lens of 3 protagonists to deliver this message in a heartwarming way. Have a look below:

The film’s key takeaway? Joy is found in the people around us.

The film challenges the assumption that joy lies only in peak moments of achievement, success or recognition.

Each story in the film shows how being present with our loves ones and expressing our love is what unlocks that elusive value we all seek: joy!

The campaign successfully reiterates vivo’s purpose: Create joy for consumers by connecting them with the ones they love.

How? By enabling expression of this love … through simplified and innovative technology. 

A campaign rooted in ‘why’

Through this campaign, vivo delivers creative story-telling with a clear purpose.

The film not only strikes an emotional chord with viewers, it also nudges them to ‘choose joy’. It makes us wonder whether we’re making the best use of technology.

It’s a responsible campaign by the brand to urge the audience to use technology to connect with their loved ones.

Read more: https://vivonewsroom.in/experiences/#brandpurpose

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