vivo Showcases The Power Of Pictures In An Emotional Film For Diwali

As we gear up for the upcoming festivities, brands have begun rolling out their festive campaigns centered around celebrations and merrymaking. While Diwali is a time best spent reuniting with family and friends, not everyone has the luxury of being at home and celebrating with their loved ones.

vivo, the smartphone brand, highlights the story of one such father in its festive campaign that focuses on the ‘Joy of Homecoming’, since it is also what Diwali is all about. The campaign takes an interesting route to portray the role of smartphone photography in rekindling connections. 

We live in a world where the distance between elderly parents and their grown-up children is increasing rapidly. Adult life keeps these grown-up children busy – juggling their own families, work and other commitments. vivo takes the opportunity to remind people that it takes very little to stop drifting away, find time, and rekindle the bond with our loved ones. 

With television and film actor Kanwaljit Singh in the lead, the digital film communicates vivo’s endeavour to strengthen bonds and bring families together with its smartphone photography capabilities.

The film hardly feels like a commercial, with the actors, the setting, and the deeply emotional narrative that touches the heart. Pictures play a key role throughout the film, where framed photographs trigger the protagonist’s longing for his children and granddaughter; and the young traveler perfectly captures the emotions of the elderly man on his vivo smartphone. 

The story really gets viewers thinking about their own relationship with their parents or children, while the song playing in the background too complements every emotion depicted in the film – happiness, sadness, laughter and tears.

With this campaign, vivo sends out the message that Diwali is the festival of homecoming and is best celebrated while being surrounded by the people we love. The brand aims to rekindle family bonds by connecting them through pictures “Kyunki tasveeron ka connection seedha dil se hota hai,” (You connect with pictures straight from the heart) and positions vivo’s smartphone camera as the perfect tool to stir emotions and capture joyful memories.