VEGA’s New Logo Stands For Bigger And Better Things 

It’s a common saying, ‘the world is getting smaller’, but as it does, ironically the problems only seem to get larger. What we anticipated was a world defined by acceptance and inclusivity, which in reality can sometimes be a realm of intolerance and barriers. 

It’s these worries that hold us back from doing what we want, styling ourselves the way we like, and self-love and celebration of your own identity.

VEGA is addressing these societal realities and taking a step towards making the world a little more inclusive, without sounding preachy about it. Through their new logo, the brand is advocating exploring our ‘Befikar’ side and leaving behind a mark that resonates with our true self. 

Using art to drive change 

The dynamic new logo unveiled in a fun and vibrant kinetic video, represents the meaning behind the change – that since its inception the brand has been bringing Style, grooming and care. 

Expanding the creativity further

VEGA has been fuelling the wings of styling and grooming lovers from a long time now and, we started to empower in the professional space as well. 

The head-to-toe styling brand recently announced the launch of their new B2B vertical VEGA Professional, crafted for salon professionals and stylists. By positioning this launch as #craftedformasters, the brand aims to redefine the future of styling and grooming for ‘creators’, the masters of their field and has roped in leading professionals of the industry like Rod Anker and Savio John Pereira as their style ambassadors. The assortment ranges from powerful hair cutting tools to magnificent hair styling tools. From premium quality hair brushes and combs to make up brushes, 

Also, there is an exclusive travel-friendly Mighty Mini range designed to use on the go. 

Flaunt your Befikar 

The campaign hits close to home and brings to light all that has to be worked upon, not only in society but also in ourselves. Styling and grooming is an integral part of one’s personality and, to be able to flaunt it confidently requires self-acceptance and confidence.

It requires self-love instead of validation; inclusion instead of barriers; and an unwavering belief in today instead of tomorrow. 

That’s the crux of VEGA’s message – be bold, innovative, and inclusive, without a worry in the world.