This KFC In Spain Is Pretending To Be Ikea To Lure In Customers

KFC recently opened a new restaurant in Poligono de Son Malferit, a commercial neighborhood in Majorca, Spain, that is popularly known as ‘where Ikea is’. 

So in order to let people know where its new restaurant is located, it created a billboard borrowing from Ikea’s iconic yellow and blue logo. Along with the instantly recognisable colours, it also mimicked the shape and the typography of the Swedish retailer’s logo.

The line below the copycat logo read: “ya sabes dónde estamos,” which translates as “you know where we are.”

The fast food chain shared the billboard on Twitter, and IKEA Spain responded with a cheeky Tweet themselves which read: “Thank you KFC for telling people where the #ChickenChicken is: on our HUVUDROLL meatballs” (referring to the famous Swedish meatballs it serves at the cafes in its stores).  

Throughout the day, the two companies shared banter online drawing more than 6,000 interactions.