This Filmmaker Took The Bold Decision Of Abandoning A Brief, But Plot Twist: It Was A Huge Hit

The spark of inspiration can come from any direction, especially if you have a smoky whisky to work with; and, once such whisky is Seagram’s Oaken Glow, India’s first true premium smoky whisky. 

The brand, like the whisky, breaks the boundaries of conventionality. It salutes the spirit of those who have pushed the human race forward by not following the herd and have achieved success by following what they believe in. 

The brand wanted a product film to express their synonymity with passion and burning desire. They briefed film-maker BOSCO with a concept, however, driven by his sheer passion, he abandoned the brief to create his own masterpiece.

With Great Passion Comes Greater Outcome. 

Very rarely do creative artists deviate from a client briefs, but in this case, abandoning the brief is what ended up being rewarding for him.

Remarkably, the brand was completely unaware of what was going on. They only learned about the enigmatic film later on when they chanced upon it on social media. 

Well, it’s not that he fully abandoned the brand’s concept; their tagline – Follow The Glow – is exactly what the filmmaker did. 

Going against the grain has become the new chic

The filmmaker is being praised for ditching the script and pursuing something close to his heart – his own passion. Armed with resources and a vision of his own, he embarked upon the journey of creativity, alone.

The enthusiastic response of the brand

They were moved by his effort, and as an ode to him, they have launched the film as their latest campaign. And rightly so, for the 40-second film captures the brand’s essence perfectly: bold, smoky, and fiery.