This Excellent Brand Launch Campaign Admits It’s The Worst Launch Ever

Outdoor ads are a bad idea when everyone is staying indoors. 

But this clever brand launch utilises outdoor ads in a fun way to make it a good idea indeed. HUN, which is a new canned wine brand in the UK, released a series of self deprecating posters where they make fun of their agency and brand launch for opting to use outdoor at a time when literally no one is outdoors.

The agency itself released statements which read :

“TBWA\London has created a new campaign that no one will see, to launch a new drinks brand that no one has ever heard of.”

Here are their outdoor ads :

The campaign takes advantage of the discounted rates being offered by OOH companies, and executes a fun campaign which is being spoken about on all media outlets, including this one. This gave the brand the best of both worlds – low cost advertising on outdoor media, and free earned media in publications.

“We never expected to be launching in the midst of a global pandemic, and while many might think it’s crazy to launch a new business in the current climate, our brand aims to build a community based around supporting and entertaining, so what better time to put these values into practice? – the brand’s co-founder.