The World’s Smallest McDonald’s Opened In Sweden, And It’s Not For Humans!

Hold your breath, the world’s smallest McDonald’s has opened in Sweden, and it’s buzzing! But hold on, since when did small restaurants begin to be worth reading about. Yes, ofcourse there’s a twist. This tiny little Mcdonald’s won’t be serving humans, it will be serving – BEES!

Yes, it will be serving bees, you read that right. It is aptly called McHive, and this mini Mcdonald’s is actually a fully functional beehive for thousands of bees. It has a patio, outdoor seating, wooden panelling and two drive-thru windows well. So it’s a pretty legit McDonald’s outlet, done to scale for bees.

So why was this done? 

Honey bees have been dying at an alarming rate in the last few years, with some species at the risk of extinction. Bees are part of the pollination process, which helps plants grow, breed and eventually produce food. Bees do this by transferring pollen between flowering plants and keep the cycle of life going. A vast majority of plants that we use, rely on pollination, especially by bees.

McDonald’s franchises across Sweden have been part of ongoing efforts to save bees from extinction, by installing beehives on rooftops among other awareness activities. This small restaurant is one such effort. The mini-beehive McDonald’s itself will be auctioned off to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities.

Check out the video!