The ‘One Last Game’ Campaign Is Gaming Integration Done Right

The rise in India’s gaming community and its ever growing popularity presents a unique opportunity for brands to capture the audience’s undivided attention. What started as a novelty in the West, is now finding its way into the deepest corners of India with more and more brands trying to figure out the best way to connect with this audience.

Under 25 Gaming, a youth brand which caters to student gamers teamed up with SLAY, a gourmet coffee brand to create “One Last Game”.

The concept

One last game is a term that every gamer among all age groups can relate to, whether it’s one last game before bed, one last game before college or even one last game after a tough defeat. The term “one last game” always hits hard; and that’s where the coffee connect comes in.

Slay X is India’s strongest coffee. The entire livestream ‘One Last Game’ was conceptualised to showcase that the coffee is so strong that it’ll keep you up and make the question of one last game a much harder one.

What makes it work?

With streaming on a rise over the past couple of years, a lot of streamers seem to be doing branded streams that, well, seem like branded streams. There is no relatability to it and hence Under 25 Gaming and SLAY coffee wanted to create a strong resonance with the audience. ‘One Last Game’ does exactly that.

The Stream

The One Last Game stream was curated by taking 5 best friends who are all also very popular in the gaming community. The unique stream not only got the brand integration spot on but also brought in an element of friendship and banter, all while keeping the brand in play.

Funnily enough, the stream was initially planned to go on only till 11:30 PM, and eventually went on till 2:30AM in the night. This karmic coincidence truly captured the essence of ‘One Last Game’.

What’s next?

It’s interesting to see how brands are creating conversations and engaging with users in livestreams, and initiatives like this will set-off many more brand stories like a domino effect. With the attention span that gaming offers, this could be a game-changer for brands, but only if the integration is done in an authentic manner.