A Masterclass In Branding And Advertising – IIM Indore And Miles SoBA Have A Game-Changing Programme For You

In an era where digital is the new normal, the rules of communication have completely changed. Reaching out to your audience and building a brand requires a new set of skills and tricks.

Advertising used to mainly be one-way communication. Today consumers have the power to reach out and convey to brands what they like, dislike, their wants and needs in an ever-changing landscape. And everything is real time! 

In this context, the art of advertising and branding is more crucial than ever for brands, to not only build relationships with their audience but also to stand out in a crowded market and garner credibility. 

How do you up your game and cater to this new world?

Miles School of Branding and Advertising and IIM Indore have collaborated to design a course that is a game-changer for anyone looking to learn the ropes of the industry from straight-up marketing legends. See the video below to get a peak into what’s brewing. 

The highlights 

The core of the programme is ‘learning by doing.’ 

It aims to equip participants with: 

  • Creating impactful marketing strategies for brand building 
  • The ability to apply consumer insights in strategising and execution 
  • Acquire skills in measurement and performance analysis 
  • Deep dive into the psyche of consumers to attract and retain their loyalty 

Upskilled by the best industry practitioners, mentors, and faculty in the country, the programme is a hands-on approach to building a strong foundation in the branding practices of the 21st century. 

The masterclass mentors include the likes of Piyush Pandey, Prahlad Kakar, Perizaad Zorabian, Lulu Raghavan and Josy Paul to name a few. These are the genius minds who have brought iconic marketing moments come to life. They have created legendary campaigns (Vodafone ZooZoos, Cadbury Kuch Khaas Hai and many others) and created go-to books and shows on advertising (Pandeymonium, Beyond Logo among others)

These mentors will share their first-hand experiences with building brands and behind-the-scenes learnings from iconic advertising stories. Talk about learning the ropes from the masters themselves.

Safe to say that these creative leaders would take an unconventional but highly effective approach to teaching.

Cherry on this marketing cake? There will campus immersions at the IIM Indore campuses in Mumbai and Indore both.

An edge over competitors 

The programme carves out a niche for individuals who seek to be the best in the business. 

With the coveted status of an IIM Indore Executive Alumni, the experience of campus immersions at the Mumbai and Indore campuses, and peer networking with industry experts, the course instantly sets you apart in the field. 

The workshops, group activities, and case studies also contribute to the skills needed for analytic thinking and problem-solving in a way that no textbook can. 

You can learn more about the course here.