Spotify Delights Users With Their Decade End ‘Wrapped’ Campaign

At the end of each year, Spotify gives its users a fun reminder of what they listened to that year via their “Wrapped” series. People often take to social media boasting about their peculiar listening habits to their friends. It allows users to go down memory lane, rediscovering the music they listened to last year.

This year however, Spotify has taken it to the next level, and are giving users data about the music they have consumed over the last 10 years, as 2019 also marks the end of a decade. In a genius move, the round up is also formatted like an Instagram Story on the Spotify app, so users can easily share it on their profiles. Moreover, it can be shared directly from the Spotify as well. Ofcourse, the series has gone viral and you must have seen it on your friends’ stories recently.

Why this works?

Everyone wants to share their Wrapped roundups, but unless the user isn’t using Spotify and also consuming content, they won’t be able to generate this data. So it not only makes non-users want to switch to Spotify, but also makes inactive users want to begin consuming more music.

Secondly, it sets itself apart from Apple, by distinguishing themselves and delving deep into cultural moments.

Spotify has also released an outdoor campaign, which talks about what the world listened to in the last decade.