So ‘Condom With A Hole’ Is Now A Thing, Thanks To Durex!

The awareness around sexual wellness and safe intercourse is astoundingly low in our society. STDs and the prevalence of unwanted pregnancies is also very high. Many choose to not use a condom, and the reasons if any have always baffled us.
Durex wondered if our generation was too caught up in their lives, and as result tends to forget carrying it. Hence, a lot of times they land up in situations where it is too late, too awkward, or perhaps too much to think about?

Enter Condom with a hole! 

Durex launched a keychain with a condom packet inside it. We can forget everything, but we will never forget to carry our home keys or car keys with us. And boy did Durex go nuts with their campaign!

To create some intrigue and excitement before the launch, the brand took over billboards and made everyone question – Condom with a hole!?


Durex used graffiti as they took over the streets next


Durex even tied up with bars, restaurants and malls, where once you gave your car to the valet, it would return with the Durex keychain!


Maybe next time, a condom with a hole might not be such a bad thing!