A 3D Anamorphic Display By Seagram’s Royal Stag Is The New Talk Of The Town

In today’s times, the youth are the agents of change. They are a generation pulsating with energy, passion, and a motto to live life large on their own terms. 

Seagram’s Royal Stag is celebrating this spirit of the youth with the launch of a new campaign that embodies the brand’s philosophy, ‘Change ho toh large ho’. 

In line with the brand’s larger-than-life spirit, a 3D anamorphic digital display was installed in Mumbai and Gurgaon to launch the campaign in a truly big and bold style.

The impact

Pioneers in innovation and trendsetters in the industry, Royal Stag gave its legendary ‘Living It Large’ tagline a new twist with the help of this hyper-realistic outdoor activation.

In one word, it’s simply iconic.

The new Stag symbolises the ideology of the youth while simultaneously exemplifying the brand’s philosophy – a unique way to break away from the clutter and create a new benchmark in advertising.  

Creating a buzz

Created by Wavemaker India, the anamorphic display mirrors the bold attitude of the new generation by curating a unique visual experience for consumers. Despite it being an outdoor installation, the launch is making waves all across social media as well.

What a creative use of 3D technology to spread a powerful message!

To personify the energy and passion of the campaign, the brand roped in global icon and powerhouse Ranveer Singh to set the tone for a modern and fresher narrative. 

Dream. Achieve. Inspire.’

Ranveer Singh with his hip-hop persona proved to be the perfect candidate to reveal the brand’s evolved new vision: a new Stag for a new generation. 

Amplified across a variety of media vehicles including print, digital, and OOH, it is a powerful initiative to pave a new world and empower all changemakers to shatter outdated parameters of success.

It’s an ode to all young achievers who have carved their own journey, despite all the challenges they may have faced.

With the incredible 3D anamorphic imagery that made heads turn, the brand went out of its way to brilliantly illustrate its progressive new philosophy and identity.

It’s a true embodiment of the evolved proposition ‘a new Stag for a generation that lives it large’.

The campaign is eccentric, quirky, and just like the younger generation, it is full of promise.