Samco Securities Seeks To Empower Traders With The ‘Andekha Sach’

Most players in the broking segment talk about ‘participation’, but very few talk about ‘performance’. Enter: Samco Securities!

Inspired by a SEBI report that highlighted how ~90% of retail traders suffer losses in the equity F&O segment, Samco set out to solve this.

The brand chose to create a narrative for traders around ways they can avoid common mistakes in their investing journey.

How? By empowering traders with their new #AndekhaSach campaign.

The campaign seeks to highlight how personalized, never-seen-before insights into past trade performance can help traders with better performance. And the brand is enabling exactly that with their new ‘My Trade Story’ feature.  

Have a look at their brand film which lands this pitch:

The 3-part film uses the analogy of an experienced surgeon repeatedly losing his pair of scissors, to land how retail traders repeatedly lose their money with the same mistakes. 

It takes a creative route to keep the audience engaged, while also making a case for how the ‘My Trade Story’ feature can help traders avoid repeated mistakes while investing.

Samco got creative with #AndekhaSach! 

The brand created a buzz around their initiative with a whole lot of fun activations. 

Employees posted their unique takes on their #AndekhaSach: 

It scaled and got trending on Twitter! 

A light-hearted campaign that delivered an important offering! 

Samco Securities used their film and activations to remind traders of a simple truth: there’s always scope for improvement. 

The campaign concept was rooted in an actual feature that gives traders the opportunity to analyze their past trends and performance, strategize better, and give themselves the best shot at success… empowered with the #AndekhaSach!

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