Rajasthan Police’s Twitter Handle Just Threw Some Massive Shade

It was a couple of years ago when the Mumbai police force’s Twitter account took the internet by storm with their witty quips about crime in general. They used pop culture references, and suddenly everyone was following them. By doing this they ensured that they had their citizen’s attention on a platform they probably spent most of their time on. In turn, they could disseminate all the important information and guidelines to citizens which otherwise would have fallen on deaf ears.

Now, in 2019 the trend is catching on with other police forces across the country as well, and boy they aren’t backing down.

Rajasthan police took to twitter recently, and were their sarcastic best. Free accommodation and food? Read jail time!

Just last month, even Assam Police had tweeted something similar, and users were quick to point out the similarities.

Oh and btw, if you have been thinking about what the Mumbai Police twitter used to do a couple of years ago, check these out below :