Parents Get Envious In LEAD’s Latest Campaign

There have been a slew of marketing campaigns in the Ed-Tech domain recently, but only a handful showcase how parents feel when they see their children getting quality education.

More specifically, none of them have gone down the path of showing a very honest and truly adorable emotion that some parents feel when they see their children make strides in their lives.

LEAD’s latest campaign is offbeat in the sense that it not only brings to life a very clear example of their practical approach to learning but it also showcases the parents harbouring a sweet little emotion of jealousy. The jealousy is only in the fact that they too wished having access to quality education which they are proudly being able to give their children.

For instance, check out this endearing conversation between two fathers who are enjoying being a part of their children’s learning process.

Over 3000 schools in India are powered by LEAD, making quality education accessible in non-metro cities across the country. By empowering schools in small towns and cities, LEAD is democratising education in India. Their large network of schools is ensuring children get access to education in their own hometowns, giving them their rightful opportunity to make the most of their lives.

Remember how you used to memorise math formulas by saying it out loud over and over again? LEAD is leaving that ancient method of learning behind and is emphasising on outcome based methods of teaching. Outcomes which are visible, and are fundamental in shaping the child’s future.

After the successful first phase of the campaign in 2021, LEAD has partnered with film maker Nitesh Tiwari once again, who has a unique way of capturing human emotions within a space of a few seconds.

LEAD is bringing students in smaller towns at par with the education children get in big cities, and is paving the way for more such initiatives to follow.