OMG 2 Leveraged The Power Of Memes And Internet Culture To Strike A Chord With The Youth

If the trailer and buzz around OMG 2 indicate anything, it is that the latest release is more than just a film – it is a movement. A movement aimed at creating awareness around sex education and encouraging open conversations about the tabooed subject in Indian households. 

So, how do you create buzz about a film with a message as bold as this? 

The answer in this case was : memes and internet culture!

OMG 2 seamlessly integrated quintessential Gen-Z elements into their marketing strategy while retaining the core essence of the movie. From memes to reels the movie leveraged quirky promotional strategies to connect with GenZ in particular.

First establish relatability, then deliver the message

That’s exactly what memes like this did. It got everyone hooked on with relatable content, and then subtly integrated the marketing message.

To resonate with the youth, they embraced the language of the youth 

The content was fun and engaging – all while initiating and encouraging crucial conversations. 

The carefully curated content subtly hinted at the core themes of the movie and brought the audience closer to the protagonist, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, and his family. 

It basically made them realise what schools were missing, and made the movie even more relevant.

It goes without saying… the approach definitely struck a chord of relatability and added an element of humour.

The power of memes and Gen-Z lingo 

If you’re catering to a digital-savvy audience, you need to understand their preferences, quirks, and methods of communication. OMG 2 did exactly that and spoke to the audience through mediums they resonated with.

The marketing strategy effortlessly brought the film’s objective to life: to bring about societal change through open and honest conversations about the importance of sex education. 

Go experience the world of OMG 2 for yourselves, for a new perspective on relationships, faith, and well… sex education.