Masters’ Union Has Reshaped The Business School Experience In India

Last year in September 2020, Masters’ Union welcomed their first batch of students. Ever since, the business school has witnessed an ecclectic, heady mix of students, professors, activities and experiences.

Let’s start with the students themselves.

The first 60 students to experience this new-age business school, had an average last drawn salary of INR 10.5 LPA, with previous employers like McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. In most business schools you will find that a vast majority of the students come from an engineering background. However, due to a pre-determined selection process which focused on students with a unique life story the batch saw 69% students coming from a non-engineering background – from arts to politics to commerce.

Moving on to the Masters, the most distinguished aspect of Masters’ Union

In a country which has historically had an abysmal teacher to student ratio, this institute provides students with the unique experience of one-on-one mentorship from industry stalwarts.

In the institute, students are in the same room as corporate leaders like Arun Maira, the former BCG India Chairman. They learn directly from astute politicians like Narendra Jadhav who is a Member of the Parliament and was RBI’s Chief Economist. They are taught from top academicians like Bhaskar Chakravori who earlier taught at Harvard Business School and was a Partner at McKinsey.

One of the most exciting propositions for the students is the CXO Shadow module, where they get to spend time with CXOs during the course of their day, and witness how they take decisions and approach their work.

This stellar concept of Masters has another added advantage. Instead of a traditionally dictated curriculum which has been dragging on for decades, the curriculum at Masters’ Union is conceptualised by industry leaders who draw from their experience and teach what they feel students need to be equipped with.

But that’s not all. The eclectic mix of students and professors is just the backdrop in front of which students are taken through a stimulating learning experience.

Students run an investment fund worth Rs 5 crores

To give students a first hand experience in investing, and to introduce the changing dynamics of various industries, the institute has set up India’s largest student managed investment fund with a corpus of Rs. 5 crores.

Students learn from each other’s expertise

The institute encourages peer-to-peer learning. With students bringing an diverse set of experiences with themselves, the shared learning experience is quite an enriching process. Students themselves take classes and workshops on topics that they have previously mastered. One day you will have an advertising expert from GroupM teaching peers on how client pitches are made, and on another day you might have a student talking about time management.

Students created a dropshipping business from scratch

With the world looking at e-commerce like never before, these future managers were given the experience of running their own dropshipping business from scratch. All of this, before they even stepped foot in the campus.

Students learn a lot more than just business

The institute recognizes the impact of technology in the business world, and has created a curriculum which has courses on AI, Blockchain, SaaS and Cybersecurity.

TOI also reported that this business school is already giving IIMs and ISB “stiff competition”. Overall, there’s a LOT happening at Masters’ Union which happens only at Masters’ Union, and we love how the institute is re-shaping the business school experience in India.