Marriott Bonvoy Members Got Their ‘Moment’ With The Mumbai Indians

Earlier this year, Marriott Bonvoy announced their partnership with Mumbai Indians as their Loyalty Partners for 3 seasons.

As a brand, Marriott Bonvoy has always believed in connecting their members with what they love, inspiring them to see and do more. By associating with Mumbai Indians, Marriott Bonvoy was able to create a variety of unforgettable moments to elevate the cricketing experience for their guest. 

Bringing members closer to the action

Marriott Bonvoy created a 360 degree Virtual Arena, through which members could connect with their favourite cricketers from the comfort of their homes.

This gave users direct access to their sporting idols through exclusive meet and greet opportunities. Fans were quick to redeem these experiences, with the last event selling out in less than two hours of it going live. There were more than 700 Marriott Bonvoy Member Moments created, just like this one below:

Members visited this virtual arena not only to get an interaction opportunity with the cricketers, but to play interactive games and watch pre-recorded masterclasses, completely immersing themselves into the world of cricket.

Getting to know the players

Through bite sized content featuring popular players from Mumbai Indians, the brand generated a lot of buzz along with MiTV – the umbrella under which these content pieces were hosted. The members not only got to know more about their icons off the field, but the brand was also able to use this opportunity to communicate member benefits in a seamless manner.

Brand Visibility

Mumbai Indians is not only a globally recognised T20 team, but also enjoys the highest average television viewership amongst all other teams. For instance, their first match of the season with CSK had an estimated audience of over 200 million viewers. With the Marriott Bonvoy logo prominently visible on the team jersey, the brand enjoyed a high recall value through this association. The fact that MI went all the way to the finals and won the tournament was the icing on the top!

Brand Video

Through a peppy song, the brand communicated the various benefits they have to offer. The video featured top players from the team like Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya and Quinton De Kock. Check it out!