Livguard Celebrates Those Who Make Our Diwali Brighter In Its Festive Campaign

Diwali is a time when families come together and make merry, but there are people who are committed to making the festival brighter for others, ensuring other people’s happiness over their own. However, their efforts often go unnoticed. Livguard’s Diwali campaign is all about celebrating them.

This year, the energy storage solutions brand that provides inverters, inverter batteries, car batteries, and more, decided to go beyond the regular Diwali greeting and acknowledge the ones who make sure our celebrations go on uninterrupted with a campaign that evokes gratitude for these heroes in our hearts. 

Titled ‘Apno Ki Diwali Banana Hi Diwali Manana Hai’, the film is an ode to service engineers who work around the clock to ensure that the festivities of their customers go as planned even if it means that they have to sacrifice theirs. 

Even after the service engineer in the film is done with his task, he is seen taking on another appointment and moving onto the next customer with a smile on his face. The moment highlights the undisputed work ethic of the engineers in the field and showcases their sense of responsibility towards their customers.

The campaign hopes to remind people to acknowledge the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication of the ones working behind the scenes to ensure everything is smooth-sailing during the festive season, and goes to show how Livguard considers their customers as family members with the phrase “Pehle apno ke Ghar, fir apne Ghar” – connoting a feeling of togetherness that is central to the spirit of Diwali.