LEGO Just Partnered Up With Amazon To Drop The First Ever LEGO Brand Days In India

The LEGO x Amazon collab is an exciting announcement for kids, adults, adults with kids, and everyone in between! 

The two brands partnered up to launch the LEGO Brand Days In India, an event that will run from 18th-26th March and spotlight its largest-ever range of new launches for the very first time: 

  • Over 150 new launches
  • International bestsellers being launched in India for the first time ever
  • LEGO Classic, LEGO FRIENDS & LEGO DUPLO back in India after 2 years!
  • New sets from popular Franchises – Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney Princess, Star Wars & more

Make some time for play, everyday

The core belief of the LEGO brand is that ‘play’ is an essential component of life – not just for kids but for parents & adults as well. To do that, the 90-year-young toy company is expanding its range of offerings to launch around 15 new play themes in 2023 alone with even more releases planned down the line like LEGO® MINECRAFT, LEGO® INDIANA JONES & LEGO® JURASSIC WORLD!

Not just kids, there’s a lot in store for adults too as they launch newer play sets in line with adult passions like music, sports, art, décor, Marvel, DC, travel, Super Cars, Bikes & more – encouraging more adults and kids to celebrate their passions through the creative medium of LEGO® BRICKS!

With 150+ new play sets, the brand is finally bringing all the hard-to-find bestsellers to India and finding fresh and unique ways to showcase the collection to the audience. 

There’s something for everyone

From princesses to supercars to Iron Man & spidey fans to City Builders to thrill seekers to Potterheads to fashion & décor enthusiasts – there’s something for every kid & adult! What’s more, prices for the sets start as low as INR 449/-.

So make hay while the good (LEGO® Brand) days last and head to AMAZON.IN pronto!

Check out the entire collection here!