Kids In Spain Take The Classroom To The Beach

Is this the least boring classroom ever?

After a year of remote learning, children enrolled in the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente school in Spain are enjoying open-air learning on the beach. 

The move is a part of project ‘Fresh Air’, which is aimed at providing better air quality for children during the pandemic, enabling them to learn while wiggling their toes in the sand and enjoying the cool breeze of the sea. 

The open-air classroom consists of a portable blackboard and neatly spaced desks and chairs arranged on the beach next to the school in Los Nietos. The students at the school are aged between 3 and 12 and remain in their class bubbles, ensuring a fun and safe learning environment.

While the concept of open-air learning is nothing new (it was even popular back in the early 1900s when tuberculosis had struck the world), it’s surely refreshing to see kids out of cramped up classrooms, especially in the current health climate.