JK Tyre Got Influencers To Puncture A Bunch Of Things Until They Couldn’t

You don’t always associate the world of tyres with digital marketing and influencers. When was the last time (if ever) you saw an influencer endorse a tyre? They are on two different ends of the spectrum.

Enter JK Tyre.

JK Tyre has always experimented and innovated with how they speak to their consumers and how they approach their marketing. Their latest campaign explores the unchartered realm of how influencer marketing could be leveraged for their category.

But why influencers?

The fact that content consumption has seen a massive movement towards short format videos and Reels hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Reels is where influencers reign supreme. Moreover, influencers also have a niche audience who can relate to them and have faith in them.

Sure, beauty products and clothes are easy to endorse categories with influencer marketing, but there’s always an idea around the corner, no matter which product category a brand is in.

The idea

The key functionality of JK Tyre’s Puncture Guard range of products is that it doesn’t flatten. So how do you get a bunch of influencers to talk about this feature while also keeping the viewer hooked?

Here’s how:


The content idea and execution were both done keeping in mind the personalities of the influencers, Sanjana Sanghi and Krushna Abhishek. Their offline persona of fun and goofiness was brought alive in the videos as well.


With apt songs supporting the video, the messaging was relayed seamlessly to the audience, further emphasizing on the core brand proposition of “Hawa Nahi Niklegi”

Mr. Amit Gujral, CMO, JK Tyre, said : “Influencer engagement is one of the key consumer connection activities for us, and we are keen on creating distinct campaigns that the audience can enjoy. Fun and quirk go a long way when it comes to influencer content and we at JK Tyre wanted to do exactly that. The YELLAWE team too was at the helm of generating content on these lines. With our concept of #HawaNahinNikalegi, for our latest Innovation – Puncture Guard Tyre, YELLAWE seemed like the perfect fit to co-create a phenomenon that’s distinct and yet simple to keep fans hooked. The team at YELLAWE puts a lot of passion into the work they put int, and I find that quite awesome.”