How This Brand Brought Its Positioning To Life With Sharp Initiatives

People often associate their drink with their personalities. Brands in this space themselves have identified this insight, and have successfully targeted consumers based on the personality type their product caters to.

When John Distilleries launched the premium Roulette Whisky, they positioned itself as a drink for all those adventurous souls who like a challenge and are willing to take a chance, just like in the game of Roulette.

Establishing the brand positioning

Roulette is a thrilling game of chances, and the brand thrives on those emotions! They’re for the brave, for those who adore taking chances. To bring this positioning to life, the brand engaged consumers in a wide variety of activities, starting with a game of roulette and slots itself. Bringing gamification to the experience, the brand’s Augmented Reality game engaged more than 1000 users.

Augmented Reality is an untapped feature especially in the this domain, where only a handful of brands have explored engaging their audience with it. This was a perfect fit for Roulette though, as it enabled them to bring out their brand personality seamlessly and effortlessly.

In another extension of the brand positioning, the brand organised blind taste tests, inviting more than 100 influencers to take that first step and tell users about their experience themselves.

This was once again in line with positioning itself as a brand for those seeking adventure and thrill. At every step of the way, the brand not only kept strengthening its positioning but also gave consumers a taste of the product.


The one thing that everyone loves on the internet is a good unboxing video, and Roulette Whisky used this insight to their advantage by partnering with Dada Bartender from Cocktailsindia. Through the video, consumers could learn more about the taste and aroma of the beverage from the expert himself. The Roulette gift box includes a journal, two pens, the Roulette whisky bottle, and two glasses. 

Creating consumption avenues

To give consumers a glimpse into the variety of ways in which the beverage can be consumed, Roulette roped in mixologist Ami Shroff, who whipped up a cocktail recipe for all whisky lovers.

Roulette’s marketing initiatives have been focused on bringing their brand positioning to life, and showcasing the brand’s unique personality. With the AR Roulette game, blind tasting, and collaborations with mixologists and influencers, the brand has taken giant strides towards achieving their objectives.

We particularly liked how Roulette has managed to express their brand ethos in every single activity. It is important for brands to build on a personality and Roulette has done that smartly and seamlessly.

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