Hero MotoCorp Urges The Indian Youth To Follow Their Own Instincts

How many times have you second guessed yourself or not followed your gut-feeling and just rolled with what the majority favours? Everyday, right?

Just like the time when you chose a dress just because someone suggested it or the time you made an investment just because someone else was doing it. Often enough you make decisions because of what’s trending and cool and not because of your own instincts.

Hero MotoCorp’s latest campaign calls this out and urges everyone to follow their instincts. It promotes a powerful and compelling message of ‘Khud Ki Sun Le’ and encourages the Indian youth to choose their own destiny without second-guessing themselves.

The commercial stars Siddhant Chaturvedi and features youngsters in various scenarios where their decisions are overridden by those of others. They are shown to be confused and a tad-bit unhappy about the decisions they are making.

The TVC tries to empower these confused youngsters with a powerful rap performed by Siddhant Chaturvedi, urging them to listen to their own feelings. The rhythm of the intense rap is curated to promote a culture of making brave choices which are backed by discernment.

Here’s what works for the campaign :


The relatability of the situations – piercing, investing, or choosing your career under pressure stands out in the campaign. You can easily see yourself in a situation, making a choice due to peer pressure.

The Powerful Rap

You are sure to vibe and groove with the tune once you listen to it. It features a perfect recipe for success – relatable lyrics, catchy beats, and a powerful rap performance.

Brand Integration

The campaign cleverly ties in the message of Khud Ki Sun Le with the brand’s latest release Hero Destini 125 XTEC by urging the youth to choose their own destiny.

A celebration of the confluence of two worlds – Style and Tech, the campaign represents the confident, discerning, and opinionated youngster.