Here’s The Ed Sheeran Heinz Commercial Which He Pitched To The Brand Via DM

Ed Sheeran had been talking about his brand new ad with Heinz for the past couple of months and the ad has finally been released. It has opened to rave reviews, and we love it as well! Ed Sheeran successfully integrates his individual personality into a unique sales pitch for the brand.

The ad begins with Ed walking into a posh restaurant, perhaps the poshest he’s ever seen. He eventually pulls out a bottle of Heinz and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Check it out!

Ed Sheeran’s own brand is being accessible, friendly and humble, and that is exactly what Heinz positions themselves as in this ad. What’s even more interesting is that this ad was born in Ed’s mind and he reached out to the brand via DM on Instagram to pitch it to them.