Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Now Viral Peloton Girl

Peloton is a fitness brand, which aims to bring the gym to your home. People can buy a Peloton exercise bike with an attached tablet, and can workout right from home following professional training on the screen.

Their holiday ad however, has not gone down to well with the audience and is being touted as portraying a Black Mirror version of a happy housewife (the main protagonist in the ad). It has been deemed misogynistic and sexist, with the ad documenting the wive’s year-long fitness journey after she receives the exercise bike as a gift from her husband for Christmas. When the ad ends, she thanks her husband saying : “A year ago, I didn’t realise how much this would change me.”

The interpretation of the ad is that the husband wanted to improve his wife’s physical appearance, in an era where we are already fighting a battle for body positivity. The worst part is that many think she already looks quite fit.

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While the ad was dismissed by a large part of the audience, there was one other brand who rose to the occasion and made the most of the situation.

Just days after the Peloton girl went viral, she returned, as herself in an ad for Aviation Gin, owned by Ryan Reynolds. The ad shows the ‘Peloton Girl’ with her friends on a night out. It looks like the friends have taken her out for a few drinks, to loosen up after being forced to use an exercise bike. The ‘Peloton Girl’ comments on how smooth the gin is, while her friends agree with her and remind her that she is in a safe space. It’s so smart and fun, you have to love the folks behind Aviation Gin.

The ad was timed beautifully, well written and executed. Moreover, the brand is now responding playfully to each social media mention, further increasing the brand affinity. Twitter too was all praises for the spot.