Here Are The Best Women’s Day Campaigns Of 2023

On Women’s Day every year, brands spark conversations around themes that deeply impact society – equality and women empowerment. 2023 saw brands launch campaigns and initiatives rooted in these themes – including topics like safety, gender biases in the workplace, financial inclusion among others.

With heartfelt stories and narratives that resonate with the modern-day woman, this year welcomed some brilliant work from brands across categories. Here are the campaigns that stood out to us this time around: 

  1. Aditya Birla Group | The Right Answer 

The brand’s digital film urges people to celebrate equity for women not only in the workspaces, but also beyond. 

It impactfully highlights the general perception in society today: a man’s ambition is an accomplishment, whereas a woman’s achievement is simply an accessory in her life. 

The campaign addresses this gender bias, and nudges people to change their mindset for a more equal and inclusive world! 

2. boAt | Watch Her Play 

boAt’s campaign is a real eye-opener. 

Whether they are cheerleaders, presenters, or just spectators – we ‘watch’ women around the field all the time. However, the brand is rooting for a change: it’s time we watch her play ON the field. 

This campaign is a celebration of women in sports, and for all the right reasons! 

3. Tanishq | The Superwoman 

“I’m also human”. 

These 3 words deliver Tanishq’s main message this Women’s Day: just because women have the capability to do everything, doesn’t mean that it should be expected from them. 

The brand is highlighting all the pressures women face at home and in the workplace, and the burdens they experience in trying to strike a balance between the two. The campaign aims to empathize with them and put forth the idea that before she is a superwoman, she is a human. 

4. Josh | Safe Swipe 

Women feel unsafe taking a cab alone at night. This is a sad and universal truth for most.

To help them feel more at ease, the brand curated a collection of short videos that are disguised as phone calls from family members. Users are even told when and how to respond to make it seem like they are having a legit conversation! 

Josh’s campaign is a clever and impactful way to help women feel safer and more in control during late-night cab rides. 

  1. Kotak General Insurance | #DriveLikeALady 

The brand film narrates the story of Anita, a mother who rose above all challenges, including domestic violence, to carve a new life for her children… and herself. 

Breaking stereotypes and defying norms, this campaign encourages and empowers more female drivers with a brilliant proposition: Drive Like A Lady!

Which one was your favourite?