Here Are The Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns of 2023

It’s that time of year again! 

Valentine’s Day may be full of clichés and cheesy gestures, but every year brands do their best to approach the subject in creative and unique ways. This year saw some new and refreshing campaigns that broke away from all the stereotypes and celebrated the most romantic day of the year with their own unique take on ‘love’. 

Here are the best Valentine’s Day campaign of 2023… handpicked with love: 

  1. Housing.com | Valentine’s With Housing 

What are some ways of saying ‘I love you’ without actually saying ‘I love you?’ Housing.com is helping couples find alternative ways of expressing love with its latest campaign. 

The brand got 3 couples to surprise their partners with a romantic gift that was perfect for the occasion: a house key. 

The approach was super candid and conversational, finding an interactive way to drive home the main proposition: stay close to the ones who feel like home. 

2. 5 Star | Do Nothing

For a unique Valentine’s Day campaign, 5 Star launched a mush-detector app that helped single people steer clear of all the ‘couples hotspots’. The brand went all out to break away from all the clutter, chaos, and cheesiness this season to land its iconic proposition: do nothing.

3. Snickers | #LoveAndBlunder

In classic Snickers style, the brand steered clear of any cliches and catered to the offbeat and out of sorts moments instead. 

They took the iconic ‘You Are Not You When You Are Hungry’ proposition and gave it a Valentine’s Day twist with the new Berry Whip launch. 

Silly promises in relationships lead to hilarious blunders, and that’s what the new campaign is all about: Blunders happen when you’re Berry Hungry. So avoid it by grabbing a Snickers Berry Whip instead. So punny, so cheeky, we love.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk | Unforgettable Love Tips

The brand is playing cupid this Valentine’s Day with a special twist.

The limited-edition packs come with a QR code that gives consumers cute and romantic ideas curated by their fave celebs. But here’s the catch: each romantic idea is paired with a ‘healthy love’ tip that makes the occasion unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

5. BharatMatrimony | My Perfect Valentine

This campaign was straight-up brilliant. 

With all the technology, filters, and AI at our disposal today – it almost feels like nothing is real. By creating an AI-generated groom with absolutely no flaws, the brand made a captivating storyline and underlined a hard-hitting message: while there is no perfect person, there is someone perfect for you.  

6. KitKat | #LoveBreakLingo

KitKat is adding a new love language to everyone’s dictionary with its Valentine’s Day campaign!

The campaign is helping users express themselves with new ‘love lingo’ and personalised messages – so wholesome, so creative, so sweet! 

Which one was your favourite?