Here Are The Best Mother’s Day Campaigns Of 2020

There are no words or gestures or tributes adequate to celebrate the superhero that is a Mother. Even so, every year we all make our best attempt to celebrate Mothers. Today in the midst of the pandemic and the lockdown, the stability and selfless love of our moms is even more valuable and special. Mother’s Day 2020 saw brands and agencies creating beautiful content, with simple yet powerful messages pretty much all made from home.

Here’s our pick of the best Mother’s Day campaigns that really stood out and caught everyone’s attention:


Whirlpool has an endearing campaign this Mother’s Day, conceptualized and shot entirely at home. The video features celebrities reflecting on how they are #PreparedToTakeCare thanks to all the life lessons that were imparted by their mothers growing up. Now more than ever, we’re realising the value of being independent, resourceful, responsible and so many more attributes we need to thank our moms for.

Kotak Silk

Kotak Silk has a heartwarming message this Mother’s Day, saluting all the mothers who are on the forefront of public duty in the midst of this pandemic. The videos ‘#MomsOnDuty’ very simply showcase how these mothers are not just taking care of their children at home, but are going beyond all barriers and risks to serve the country in these times. A very special Mother’s Day hat tip to these caregivers!

Asian Paints

Be it a hungry face, naughty face or the ‘I need to dump’ face, Moms know it all! There are many such cute MOMents of love that bring us closer to our mothers. Asian Paints paid an ode to all the Moms who love & understand us unconditionally.

Philips Avent

Times are tough, but indeed moms are tougher! To celebrate a Mother’s Day unlike any other, Philips Avent paid a tribute to the unsung heroes in every home, by reaching out to some real-life moms to share their #ToughTimesTougherMoms moments. 

Jonhson’s Baby

Mothers are doing the best for their babies even during these uncertain times, today and every day. With this thoughtful campaign the brand reassures each mother, that they are doing great and are perfect in every way!

Which ones were your favourites?