Here Are The Best Independence Day Campaigns Of 2023

Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across India, and every year brands do their best to capture this spirit of pride and patriotism as a tribute to the country. 

This year as well, brands kept the spirits high with campaigns that brought out the best of inclusive, diverse, and independent India! 

Here’s our pick of some of the best ones on our 77th Independence Day: 

  1. Kotak General Insurance 

Kotak General Insurance emphasized the importance of ‘freedom’ and highlighted what the word means in the modern-day era: to be liberated from financial burdens and stresses. 

The brand wants every Indian to be able to experience the security of reliable health insurance, and is empowering them to be ‘free’ in the true sense of the word.

  1. SUD Life Insurance | #DeshKaInsurance 

SUD Life Insurance is paying tribute to every Indian who constantly works towards ensuring a safe, inclusive, and better tomorrow. 

For a truly moving Independence Day campaign, the brand set out to inspire people and invite them to join the initiative to become the ‘Desh Ka Insurance’. 

  1. Kalyan Jewellers | Stories Of Courage 

A refreshing take on an Independence Day campaign, Kalyan Jewellers is paying homage to the Indian soldiers for their bravery, dedication, and service.

The beautiful brand film showcases how they never fail to put the country first, while also challenging societal norms and breaking gender stereotypes. 

  1. Tata Tea Premium | Desh Ke Dhaage 

Tata Tea Premium is honouring our rich handloom legacy and celebrating Indian craftsmanship with a vibrant and colourful campaign. 

By showcasing the unique artistry of the different states, the brand’s redesigned packaging aims to showcase the multi-faceted skills of the nation’s weavers. 

Which one was your favourite? 

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