Here Are The Best Eid Campaigns Of 2019

Eid as a festival has always brought a lot of warmth and endearment to the world of Advertising, and this year has been no different with most brands opting for an emotional route to connect with their audience. Like we always do, here are the best Eid Campaigns from 2019. We will keep adding to the list if something new comes up.

1. Ghadi – Saare Mael Dho Daalo

In Ghadi’s Eid campaign, the brand urges us all to strive for cleanliness beyond clothes, by addressing the ‘societal mael’ around us. #SaareMaelDhoDaalo


2. Reliance Trends

Reliance Trends’ Eid campaign sends a heartwarming message to put the needs and wishes of others ahead of yours this Eid.


3. Bata – #LetsWalkTogether

Bata’s latest campaign titled #LetsWalkTogether is a beautiful amalgamation of friendship and the spirit of Ramadan. The campaign beautifully ties up with the brand’s long running positioning of ‘Come and Be Surprised’ as well, with the sweet little twist at the end of the campaign video.


4. Max Fashions

Max Fashion’s endearing Eid campaign showed how a family brings everyone together to celebrate the festival, building communities and spreading happiness. #IssEidDilAurDarwaazeKhuleRakhe


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