Here Are The Best Diwali Campaigns Of 2023

Diwali is special for so many reasons. Many of us are reunited with our loved ones. Many of us take a pause and spend more quality time at home. Many of us forget calories and indulge! It’s a time for traditions, togetherness and total celebration.  

It is exactly these sentiments that make it a powerful occasion for brands to connect with their audiences this time of the year. 

This year saw many relatable campaigns rooted in the true essence of Diwali festivities – spending it with our friends and family.  

Here’s our pick of the best Diwali campaigns of 2023: 

  1. Amazon | Deliver The Love 

It’s not the material gifts that make festivals special, it’s the moments that we steal to spend time with our loved ones.

Amazon encourages people to go that extra mile and spend Diwali with loved ones this year because there’s no gift greater than their physical presence.

A campaign that emphasizes the importance of ‘delivering the love’ yourself – it hit the right spots and evokes a feeling of nostalgia this magical season.

2. Coca-Cola | Magic Waali Diwali

From sweets to gifts to even a ‘Happy Diwali’ greeting – everything has just become a forward in recent times. 

Coca-Cola built on this insight to create a user-friendly AI tool using OpenAI’s DALL-E and GPT-4 models that helps people create personalized Diwali wish cards. Various creators created their relatable takes around Diwali and showed how the brand’s tool can add a touch of magic this year!

The best bit? The brand featured the best greetings on major billboards across the country! Coca-Cola used infused creativity and technology to create real magic!

3. KreditBee | Har Tyohaar Mein Saath 

India is a country where diversity thrives. People celebrate the biggest festivals like Diwali in their own unique ways and find joy in different traditions. 

KreditBee built on this spirit of inclusivity to create a wholesome narrative that showcases their dedication to meeting the financial needs of their customers – based on their specific priorities and circumstances. 

With an initiative that portrays our culture in a vibrant light, this campaign struck a chord with many. 

4. Epson

Gestures that are convenient, are not always special. As times have changed, so have our lifestyles and priorities… but when did we forget all those little rituals and traditions that made Diwali so special? 

With a heartfelt brand film, Epson reminded us to make that effort this year and celebrate the festive season the way it is meant to be: surrounded by lights, good food, and most importantly, with loved ones. 

5. Tata Steel Nest-In 

With the spirit of Diwali and the cheers of cricket coming together, festivities this year have doubled.

Nest-In celebrated both in their film! With an uplifting and joyous narrative, the film showed moments of celebration where the echoes of Diwali and the cricket fever converged. In subtle way, the film also reinforced the brand’s commitment to housing emotions, dreams, and aspirations… beyond mere structures.