Here Are The Best Diwali Campaigns Of 2021

The festive season is here and so is the barrage of feel-good campaigns by brands looking to connect with consumers during this time of the year. With life seemingly inching towards normalcy, the mood is optimistic to say the least.

This Diwali is all about reconnecting with the people we love after a long period of time and going the extra mile to put a smile on their faces. The common thread that ties all of the campaigns in this year’s round-up are the underlying themes of empathy, kindness and generosity.

Here’s a look at the best Diwali campaigns of 2021, handpicked with love by the MOM team:

HP: Diye Se Diya Jalao

The festival of lights is all about communities coming together to celebrate, so it’s only fair that no one should be left behind. HP India captures the true essence of celebration with a beautiful story about looking out for those who need help but might not ask for it, while also showcasing the power of a good deed.

Amazon: Deliver The Love | Special Family

There are some relationships that cannot be explained by simply putting a name on them. These people are our special family, who we may not be related to by blood, but share a unique bond with. Amazon’s campaign reminds us to deliver the love in person to our special family this Diwali with a heartwarming story.

Axis Bank: Pause The Bargain

This off-beat film shows that even though countless things in our country have changed since we gained independence, one thing has remained the same: our love for bargaining. As we go into celebration mode and shop for the festivities, Axis Bank is urging consumers to pause the bargain as a mark of solidarity with those whose livelihood depends on their small, local businesses and brighten up their Diwali.

Amazon Prime: Apno Wali Diwali

While staying in and watching a movie or binging a series is great fun, Amazon Prime encourages people to step away from their televisions and devices and go out and celebrate with their loved ones in person with a hilarious film.

Pickrr: Khushion Ki Tarakki

Pickrr’s heartwarming campaign showcases how its logistics services have been enhancing the lives of small businesses in India through a father and daughter duo who reunite just in time to kickstart the celebrations. The sentimental film strikes a chord with countless small business owners across the country who struggle to find time for family during the busy festive season.

Vi: Look Up

Vi’s heartwarming ad film makes a case for looking up from our devices, and staying connected with the people around us instead. What we really liked about the campaign is that it doesn’t preach instead just leaves us with moments from a household that we can all relate to. The messaging is subtly weaved in the film, and urges us to make one simple change in our daily lives.

Cadbury Celebrations: Not Just A Cadbury Ad

Cadbury makes India’s biggest brand ambassador the brand ambassador for small, local stores in a campaign that merges the best of technology and creativity. The dynamic ad film is served through an ad server based on the viewer’s pin code and the area they’re watching it from to feature real small businesses from our neighbourhoods across the country.

PETRONAS: The Rider’s Anthem

Ever thought an ad campaign for a motorcycle oil could be fun? PETRONAS is reinventing the rules of advertising for its category with this campaign. The brand has launched an upbeat rider’s anthem featuring Arjun Kanugo, and leveraged the occasion of Diwali to spread cheer and get the entire country “twisting” on the fun soundtrack.