Gourmet Passport Celebrates ‘Love is Love’ With The Perfect Food Touch

This day last year, India witnessed a historic judgment being passed – the archaic section 377 was removed, which criminalized gay sex and was in violation of fundamental rights. It was a moment that was celebrated throughout the country with everyone embracing pride colours and flaunting the rainbow. Brands too participated in this momentum. With a year having passed, there’s one brand still showcasing commitment to the cause: Gourmet Passport.

Gourmet Passport is a coveted membership program that offers unmatched dining privileges across 2000+   restaurants giving 1+1 on Food, Drinks & Buffet. They have changed their brand colours to continue the spirit of raising awareness about ‘love is love’. Gourmet Passport has created their own take on this 1 year Milestone through ‘Right to choose our +1’ proclaiming that just like love, their membership privileges don’t discriminate either.

Gourmet Passport is a brand that takes pride in being socially aware. This gesture is a testimony to their long term commitment to ‘love is love’, even after a year of the historical judgement being passed.