Ghadi’s #SaareMaelDhoDaalo Really Touches A Chord This Eid

Our society has undoubtedly evolved over time – there are some traditional expectations rooted in the past that are slowly but steadily getting weeded out. However, inevitably we all tend to slip up on some accounts, often due to hypocrisy that we don’t even realize we’re propagating. A classic situation where this becomes very visible is in the role expectations from a man and a woman in the house. This Eid, it is this little example that Ghadi has showcased beautifully in their latest campaign to deliver an effortless message to cleanse our hearts – #SaareMaelDhoDaalo.

Ghadi’s latest #SaareMaelDhoDaalo campaign showcases parents visiting their daughter’s home and watching with joy and pride how their son-in-law helps around the house and takes care of his wife. They leave happy and content back to their own house to see their own son in stained clothes because he was helping his wife in the kitchen. That elicits a very different reaction from the mother who judges his son for doing housework. The video captures a very real example of hypocrisy in expectations when it’s your son helping his wife out vs your son-in-law helping his wife out. The video leaves behind a compelling urge from the brand to wipe away these stains in our heart – #SaareMaelDhoDaalo!

Check out the video below:

Ghadi’s campaign is a perfect launch around Eid – it encapsulates the spirit of festivity, family values and progressing forward with good virtues. We love the clean execution of the storyline and how the ad grips your attention right to the end. #SaareMaelDhoDaalo – it’s been a consistent brand philosophy from Ghadi to urge one and all to strive to be pure at heart, and enjoy the happy life that emerges from doing so! Happy Eid, everyone! #SaareMaelDhoDaalo!