Flipkart Seller Hub Releases A Campaign Targeting Potential Sellers Across India

With its latest campaign, ‘Bachon Ka Khel’, Flipkart Seller Hub released a series of three brand films to highlight platform features that make online businesses seamless, targeting potential sellers across the country.

As the name suggests Bachon Ka Khel’, the Flipkart Seller Hub campaign focuses on the ease-of-doing-business for sellers who wish to expand their business across borders. Conceptualized by Art-E Media Tech, the campaign tackles the issues that sellers might face while adopting  the online business model or accessing an online marketplace. The brand films encourage the sellers to build an e-commerce presence through Flipkart to reach out to consumers across India without the usual hassles of logistics and complications of business processes.

Starring Brijendra Kala as the apprehensive seller and Naveen Kasturia as his digital-savvy counterpart, each of the brand films commence with Kasturia wanting to take their business to the next level by registering/starting an account on the Flipkart Seller Hub. 

Sharing his views on the campaign, Anshul Sehgal, associate director, marketplace, said, “At Flipkart, we are constantly working towards providing our sellers with bundles of growth opportunities, fulfilling their business expansion needs and helping them reach millions of customers across India without any added hassle of increased paperwork or complicated processes. So, with this ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ campaign, we intend to see a positive behavioral change amongst sellers towards Flipkart as a growth assuring and easy-to-understand e-commerce platform.”

Rohit Sakunia, co-founder and chief business officer of ARTe Mediatech said, “Flipkart enables sellers to begin their e-commerce journey without any complications and helps them to expand their business beyond expectations. Also, as an agency driven by creativity, it is always interesting to work upon ideas that can transform business as well as people. Nonetheless, the ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ campaign redefines Flipkart’s efforts to make Indian sellers more comfortable with the idea of doing business online devoid of any stress or complicated steps. Through this campaign, we aspire to see a significant rise in the number of new registrations.”

As the campaign proceeds, the doubtful seller is seen posing the question –Bachon Ka Khel Hai Kya?’ –when enters Divyansh Dwivedi, the child who showcases how easy it is to begin the online selling journey, making it child’s play in a literal sense. In the end, the apprehensive seller agrees that working with the platform is indeed ‘Bachon Ka Khel’.

Each of the films addresses a specific issue faced by the sellers such as registration process, logistic support, and expert advice. With the campaign, Flipkart Seller Hub makes an effort to advocate self-learning and real time support for the business community.