Flipkart Just Sent Twitter Hunting For A Missing F, And Samsung Had It All Along

A lot happens in a social media minute, but none so mysterious as was happening with Flipkart in the last few days. Flipkart’s series of tweets with a missing F got people talking and guessing what it was all about – #WheresTheF. The hashtag was also in the Top 5 on Twitter’s trending list. In what turned out to be a well-crafted marketing campaign, we saw a perfect example of how a Twitter reveal should be done.

Here’s what Flipkart tweeted on the 20th morning

Did Flipkart lose the letter F on their keyboard, or was it building to something big. The mystery behind this got everyone talking.

People figured out that this was all part of a plan, but the curiosity of what it was kept everyone guessing.

Brands saw the opportunity and joined in the conversation as well. From Swiggy to Myntra, and PhonePe to Axis Bank, this was slowly turning into a Twitter party for brands.

Vedantu joined the trend as well with an apt tweet playing teacher.

The clock was ticking, and Flipkart kept the suspense up with timely tweets about #WheresTheF

We had our radars on, and eventually on the 22nd, Samsung revealed they had the missing F all this while.  

While the both brands have still not revealed exactly what they are upto, users are speculating this F could be associated with a smartphone model launch by Samsung on Flipkart.

This was an interesting approach towards building intrigue and curiosity about the new launch. The attention to detail and individual focus on each influencer and brand ensured that the campaign created an impact.