Eva Longoria Made An Ad For L’Oreal At Home On Her iPhone

Eva Longoria in a L’Oreal ad is not something unheard of. But Eva Longoria shooting a L’Oreal ad herself is definitely something new and worth talking about.

The ad is as relatable as it gets for a majority of people currently isolating at home during the lockdown. If there’s something that is uniting people aged 40+ right now, it’s cooking by themselves, doing the dishes themselves and GREYING of their hair! With salons closed, the demand for DIY hair colour has increased, and L’Oreal is leveraging this surge in demand for their Excellence Creme line.

In the ad, Eva Longoria appears initially with grey hair, shooting herself using an iPhone. The video eventually turns out to be product demo, with the popular actress using L’Oreal to cover up her greys, while providing cheerful commentary at every step.

Given the current situation, the brand decided to go for a 100 percent real, homemade film, respecting the rules of isolation. Eva Longoria has worked with the brand for 15 years now, and added an element of authenticity to the video. The makers of the ad say, from pitching the concept to the eventual launch of the spot took only 10 days – something which is unheard of when you are working with high budgets and top notch production.